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Life has a unique way of presenting opportunities for growth and change.  These opportunities manifest as challenges that no matter how great or small, lead to a journey on what appears to be a dimly lit road less traveled.  No matter how bleak or lonely the voyage, you can find hope in knowing you are not alone.  Counseling is a way to shed light on your path.  With grace, we can walk this journey together.  We offer counseling for individuals ranging from preteens to adults; couples and family counseling.

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  • JRM

    Just want to take the time to express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Dixon. Ms. Dixon is highly intelligent and has the unique ability of truly helping others in the midst of a crisis Ms. Dixon was able to help our family to learn how to communicate and navigate the most challenging time of our lives. Ms. Dixon did this with grace and the expertise of which was exactly what our family needed. Ms. Dixon guided us down a positive and healthy approach that worked for our family. Ms. Dixon is our hero and she helped us more than she will ever realize. We firmly believe the Lord directed us to Ms. Dixon during this storm and we are thankful and blessed to have met and counseled with such an outstanding professional. Even after the storm, our family continues to counsel with Ms. Dixon, even the teenagers, now young adults, who can be a challenge to get them to open up and share their innermost thoughts and challenges they face. We have learned that mental health awareness and good, open, family discussions are key to a healthy lifestyle. Our family highly recommends Ms. Dixon, you will not be disappointed!

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