Counseling Services

Providing individual, family and group therapy, Tori, believes that therapy is to the mind, spirit and soul as exercise is to the physical body.  The uncertainty of life is sure to involve challenges and, whether proactively meeting those challenges head-on or aggressively treating immediate moments of crisis, Tori believes that when clients are given a safe space and proper tools, no matter the situation, they will meet each challenge grounded and empowered to find a peaceful resolve.  She works with clients to determine a course of action based on your needs and fundamental values.  Tori provides both face-to-face and telehealth services.  Tori is equipped to assist you with:


Discovering your True Self and Purpose  Family Counseling & Blending Families
Entrepreneur Empowerment & Coaching Faith & Spiritual Growth
Grief & Loss Life Coaching
Premarital Counseling  Launching Life for Millennials
Relationship & Marriage Concerns Depression & Sadness
Self-Esteem & Self-Acceptance Major Life Transitions
Social Justice/Race & Identity Anxiety, Fear and Stress Management
Women’s Issues Coping Skills